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Nonresident Executive Presbyters

Great Lakes Area


David D. Dillon

Princeton, WV

Ordained: April 24, 1985

Lead Pastoral Ministry:
Faith AG, Ferrum, VA, 1996–99
Faith AG, Salem, VA, (interim pastor), 2003–04
First AG, North Tazewell, VA, (interim pastor), 2007–08

Other Ministry:
Youth pastor, Life Church, Roanoke, VA, 1985–88
District director, youth & CE, 1988–96
Board of Regents, Southeastern Univ., 1998–2006, 2011–present
District secretary/treasurer, 1998–2011
Director, Appalachian District School of Ministry, 1999–2011
General presbyter, 2002–present
President, AG Secretary–Treasurer’s Fellowship, 2010
President, AG Dist. Schools of Ministry, 2011–present
District superintendent, 2011–present
Board of Trustees, Bethel College, 2013–present

John K. Jordan

Crab Orchard, WV

Ordained: April 29, 1999

Lead Pastoral Ministry:
Calvary AG, Beckley, WV, 1998–present

Other Ministry:
Youth pastor, Faith AG, London, KY, 1991–94
Youth pastor, Way of Life AG, Plantation, FL, 1994–96
Youth pastor, Calvary AG, Beckley, WV, 1996–98
District sectional presbyter, 2000–05
Teacher, Appalachian District School of Ministry, 2005–present
District assistant superintendent, 2005–present
Board of Regents, Southeastern University, 2005–present
General presbyter, 2005–present


Phillip B. Schneider

Bethalto, IL

Ordained: June 12, 1984

Lead Pastoral Ministry:
Assembly of God, Litchfield, IL, 1985–90
First Assembly of God, Cottage Hills, IL, 1991–2002
Cornerstone Assembly of God, Bethalto, IL, 2002–12

Other Ministry:
District presbyter, 2000–08
District executive presbyter, 2008–12
District superintendent, 2012–present
Board member, North Central University, 2012–present
Board member, Trinity Bible College, 2012–19
Chairman, Illinois Bible Institute, 2012–present
Board member, Church Extension Plan, 2012–present
President, New Life Media Radio Network, 2012–present

Larry H. Griswold

Plainfield, IL

Ordained: May 6, 1970

Lead Pastoral Ministry:
First Assembly of God, Ottawa, IL, 1970–73
First Assembly of God, Mascoutah, IL, 1973–78
First Assembly of God, Joliet, IL 1978–97

Other Ministry:
Evangelist, 1968–70
General presbyter1996–present
Exec. secretary/treasurer, Illinois, 1997–2001
District assistant superintendent/Executive secretary, 2001–02
District superintendent, 2002–12
Board member, North Central University, 2002–12
Board member, Trinity Bible College, 2002–12
Board member, Church Extension Plan, 2002–12
Executive presbyter, 2008–present
President’s Council, Trinity Bible College, 2012–present
Staff, Calvary Church, Naperville, IL, 2013–present


Donald G. Gifford

Indianapolis, IN

Ordained: October 4, 1978

Lead Pastoral Ministry:
New Life Church, Kokomo, IN, 1977–2003

Other Ministry:
Youth pastor, Bethel AG, Milwaukee, WI, 1974
Youth pastor, Faith City AG, Michigan City, IN, 1975–77
Assistant district superintendent, 1992–2003
District superintendent, 2004–present
General presbyter, 2004–present
Board of Directors, North Central Univ., Minneapolis, MN, 2004–present
Board member, Church Extension Plan, Salem, OR, 2004–present

Ronald J. Bontrager

Indianapolis, IN

Ordained: October 12, 1983

Lead Pastoral Ministry:
Glad Tidings AG, DeKalb, IL,1985–90
First AG, Madison, IN, 1990–94
Lakeview Church, Indianapolis, IN, 1994–present

Other Ministry:
Youth pastor, First AG, Peru, IN, 1978–80
Youth pastor, Lakeview Church, Indianapolis, IN, 1980–84
Youth pastor, First AG, Logansport, IN, 1985


Joseph S. Girdler

Crestwood, KY

Ordained: March 10, 1994

Lead Pastoral Ministry:
King’s Way AG, Versailles, KY, 1992–2004

Other Ministry:
District missions director, 1997–2006
Board of Trustees, Evangel University, 2004–13
District superintendent, 2004–present
General presbyter, 2004–present
General Council Commission on Evangelism, 2005–06
Board member, Unison International TV, AGWM/Ecuador,2006–present
General Council Commission on Ethnicity, 2014–present
General Council Commission on Chaplaincy, 2019–present

Terry L. Crigger

Union, KY

Ordained: May 7, 1985

Lead Pastoral Ministry:
Christ’s Chapel AG, Erlanger, KY, 1986–present

Other Ministry:
Associate pastor, Bloomingdale, IL, 1983–85
Sectional presbyter, 1995–2007
Founding board member, Mercy Home, 1999–present
General presbyter, 2004–19
District director, Church Planting & Revitalization, 2012–present
Assistant district superintendent, 2015–present


R. Jeffery Hlavin

Shelby Township, MI

Ordained: May 10, 1979

Lead Pastoral Ministry:
Rockwood Faith Chapel, Rockwood, MI, 1975–77
Freedom Christian AG, Sterling Heights, MI, 1983–2008

Other Ministry:
Youth pastor, First AG, Saginaw, MI, 1977–83
District sectional presbyter, 1991–96; 2002–05
District executive presbyter, 1996–2002; 2005–08
District secretary–treasurer, 2008–15
District superintendent, 2015–present
General presbyter, 2015–present

Bradley T Trask

Brighton, MI

Ordained: May 11, 1988

Lead Pastoral Ministry:
Brighton Assembly of God, Brighton, MI, 1992–present

Other Ministry:
Youth pastor, Brightmoor Christian Church, Novi, MI, 1984–89
Member, Commission on Doctrinal Purity, 2001–present
Exec. Board of Directors, Convoy of Hope, secretary, 2003–present
Comm. member, Ministerial Enrichment, 2004–06
District sectional presbyter, 2004–07
District executive presbyter, 2007–15
General presbyter, 2010–present
District assistant superintendent, 2015–present


John R. Wootton

Columbus, OH

Ordained: May 16, 1991

Lead Pastoral Ministry:
Epic Church AG, Columbus, OH, 2009–15

Other Ministry:
Youth pastor, Trinity AG, Columbus, OH, 1988–90
Youth pastor, Bethel Temple AG, Parma, OH, 1990–95
District admin. asst. to superintendent, 1995–2003
District men’s director, 1996–2003
District executive secretary, 2003–08
District superintendent, 2008–present
General presbyter, 2008–present

Christopher N. Beard

Cincinnati, OH

Ordained: May 11, 1995

Lead Pastoral Ministry:
Peoples Church, Cincinnati, OH, 2001–present

Other Ministry:
Associate pastor, First Christian Assembly of God, Cincinnati, OH, 1992–2001
District executive presbyter, 2010–18
General presbyter, 2018–present

Gulf Area


Larry Moore

Russellville, AR

Ordained: June 6, 1973

Lead Pastoral Ministry:
First Assembly of God, Malvern, AR, 1972–1980
Faith Assembly of God, Springdale, AR, 1980–1984
First Assembly of God, Malvern, AR, 1984–1990
First Assembly of God, Russellville, AR, 1990–2005

Other Ministry:
District superintendent, 2005–present
General presbyter, 2005–present
Board member, SAGU and COMPACT

Rodney K. Loy

North Little Rock, AR

Ordained: June 8, 1989

Lead Pastoral Ministry:
First Assembly of God, North Little Rock, AR, 2001–present

Other Ministry:
Staff pastor, First Assembly of God, North Little Rock, AR ,1991–2001
District executive presbyter, 2005–2011
Board of Regents, SAGU, 2006–2016, 2019–present
Board of Directors, U.S. Missions, 2007–2008
Board of Directors, AGWM, 2008–2010
Executive presbyter, Gulf Region, 2011–present
District honorary executive presbyter, 2011–2019
Board of Trustees, Evangel University, 2017–present
Director, Strategic Initiatives, Project Rescue, 2018–present
District executive presbyter, 2019–present


Scott Holmes

Alexandria, LA

Ordained: May 10, 1990

Lead Pastoral Ministry:
Life Church, Shreveport, LA, 2000–14

Other Ministry:
Missionary/Church planter, Marshall Islands and Russia, 1990–98
District executive regional presbyter, 2010–14
District superintendent, 2014–present
Board of directors, SAGU, 2014–present
Board of directors, CEP, 2014–present
Board of directors, COMPACT, 2014–present
General presbyter, 2014–present

Damon J. (Jeff) Ables

Breaux Bridge, LA

Ordained: April 23, 2007

Lead Pastoral Ministry:
Crossroads Church, Lafayette, LA, 1999–present

Other Ministry:
Student pastor, Bethel AG, Lafayette, LA, 1986–94
Master’s Commission director, AG Tabernacle, Atlanta, GA, 1996–99
Board of Directors, Louisiana Chi Alpha, 2009–present
Board of Directors, Louisiana Teen Challenge, 2009–present
Sectional presbyter, 2010–14
Regional presbyter, 2014–present
General presbyter, 2015–present


Robert B. Wilburn

Flowood, MS

Ordained: May 4, 1977

Lead Pastoral Ministry:
First Assembly of God, Indianola, MS, 1975–80
First Assembly of God, Philadelphia, MS, 1980–96
First Assembly of God, Amory, MS, 1996–2009

Other Ministry:
District sectional youth rep, 1977–80
District sectional secretary, 1985–89
District assistant presbyter, 1990–92
District presbyter, 1990–96
District executive presbyter, 1996–2000
District assistant superintendent, 2000–09
District World Missions director, 2000–09
District superintendent, 2009–present
General presbyter, 2009–present

Murphy R. Matheny

Biloxi, MS

Ordained: May 10, 2001

Lead Pastoral Ministry:
Cedar Lake Christian Center, Biloxi, MS, 2001–present

Other Ministry:
Student pastor, Cedar Lake Christian Center, Biloxi, MS, 1993–2001
District executive presbyter, 2011–15


Don E. Miller

Springfield, MO

Ordained: April 10, 1986

Lead Pastoral Ministry:
Assembly of God, Ash Grove, MO, 1986–2011

Other Ministry:
Youth pastor, Assembly of God, Ozark, MO, 1982–84
Youth/Children’s pastor, First AG, Bolivar, MO, 1984–86
District youth secretary, 1988–92
District assistant CE director, 1992–2003
District presbyter, 2005–08
District executive presbyter, 2008–11
District superintendent, 2011–present
General presbyter, 2011–present
Board member, U.S. Missions, 2014–present
Board member, Commission on Chaplains, 2016–18
Board member, COMPACT, 2019–present

George Westlake III

Lee’s Summit, MO

Ordained: May 7, 1991

Lead Pastoral Ministry:
First AG, Plover, WI, 2000–02
Sheffield Family Life Ctr., Kansas City, MO, 2006–present

Other Ministry:
Drummer, Lowell Lundstrom Ministries, 1985–86
Youth pastor, Sheffield Family Life Ctr., Kansas City, MO, 1986–88
Youth pastor, Calvary Temple, Naperville, IL ,1988–94
Youth evangelist, 1994–95
Associate pastor, First AG, Fort Myers, FL, 1995–2000
Exec. pastor, Sheffield Family Life Ctr., Kansas City, MO, 2002–06
Board, Central Bible College, 2004–2013
District sectional presbyter, 2009–12
District executive presbyter, 2012–14
Board of Trustees, Evangel University, 2013–19
District assistant superintendent, 2014–present
Member, General Council Structural Working Group, 2014–17


Terry G. Bailey

Pleasant View, TN

Ordained: May 15, 1979

Lead Pastoral Ministry:
Trinity Assembly, Benton, KY, 1976–77
Joywood Assembly, Nashville, TN, 1980–84
Gateway Assembly, Ashland City, TN, 1987–2009

Other Ministry:
District assistant superintendent, 2009–11
District director, Church Planting and Development, 2009–11
District superintendent, 2011–present
General presbyter, 2011–present

B. Randel McCarty

 Cordova, TN

Ordained: February 6, 1974

Lead Pastoral Ministry:
First Assembly of God, Millington, TN, 1972–76
First Assembly of God, Dyer, TN, 1976–77
Cathedral of Praise, Cordova, TN, 1990–present

Other Ministry:
District director, Youth & College Ministries, 1978–90
District executive presbyter, West TN, 1997–2001
District assistant superintendent, 2011–present

Northeast Area


Thomas W. Keinath

Columbus, NJ

Ordained: May 6, 1986

Lead Pastoral Ministry:
New Life AG, Lancaster, PA, 1992–99
Calvary Temple Int’l AG, Wayne, NJ, 2001–18

Other Ministry:
Staff teacher/Choir dir., Teen Challenge, PA, 1982–83
Senior assoc. pastor, Calvary Temple AG, Wayne, NJ, 1983–87, 1990–92
Church planter/Teacher, AGUSM, 1989–90 Assoc. professor, Central Bible College, Springfield, MO, 1999–2001
Adjunct professor, AGTS, Springfield, MO, 2003
Teacher, NJ Dist. School of Ministry, 2009–2017
District presbyter, Northern Sec., NJ, 2010–2017
Co–founder & board president, Bridge To Hope, (Reentry Homes), Wayne, NJ, 2017–18
District superintendent, 2018–present
General presbyter, 2018–present

Donald A. James

Wyckoff, NJ

Ordained: May 9, 1984

Lead Pastoral Ministry:
Bethany Church, Wyckoff, NJ, 1986–present

Other Ministry:
Assistant pastor, First AG, Aurora, CO, 1977–86
Committee member, AG National Singles, 1981–85
Co–founder/Director, River Life Ministries, 1996–present
Board member, AG World Missions, 1998–2002
District presbyter, 1998–2003
General presbyter, 2003–present
District assistant superintendent, 2003–present
Board of Advisors, AG Trust, 2010–present
Board member, Church Multiplication Network, 2013–16


Duane P. Durst

Liverpool, NY

Ordained: May 18, 1977

Lead Pastoral Ministry:
Assembly of God, Rock Falls, IL, 1972–73
First AG, Beloit, WI, 1973–74
Bethel AG, Massena, NY, 1975–80
Willoughby AG, Willoughby, OH, 1980-89
First AG, Warren, OH, 1989–90
Pleasant Valley Evangelical Church, Niles, OH, 1990–95
Bellerose AG, Bellerose, NY, 1995–99

Other Ministry:
Dist admin. asst. to superintendent, 1999–2001
District assistant superintendent, 2002–04
District superintendent, 2004–present
General presbyter, 2004–present
Board of Trustees, Uni. of Valley Forge and Northpoint Bible Coll., 2004–present
Board, Brooklyn Teen Challenge, 2004–present
Board, Bedrock Counseling Ministries, 2009–present
NE Regional Nonresident executive presbyter, 2015–present

Jerry W. Terry

Apalachin, NY

Ordained: May 14, 1991

Lead Pastoral Ministry:
Calvary’s Love AG, Johnson City, NY, 1997–present

Other Ministry:
Assistant pastor, First Assembly, Binghamton, NY, 1985–97
District sectional presbyter, South Central New York, 1994–96
District executive presbyter, Central Region, 1996–2005
General presbyter, 2005–present


Dennis W. Marquardt

Windham ME

Ordained: July 5, 1977

Lead Pastoral Ministry:
AG, Golden Valley, ND, 1975–76
AG Christian Center, Vergennes, VT, 1978–2002

Other Ministry:
Youth pastor, AG, Arlington, VA, 1976–78
District sectional presbyter, 1994–97
District assistant superintendent, 1997–2002
General presbyter, 1997–present
Board of Trustees, University of Valley Forge, 1999–present
Board of Trustees, Northpoint Bible College, 2002–present
District superintendent, 2002–present

Nathan J. Gagne

Somersworth, NH

Ordained: May 4, 2010

Lead Pastoral Ministry:
Restoration Church, Dover, NH, 2011–present

Other Ministry:
Youth pastor, Restoration Church, Dover, NH, 2004–11
District youth director, 2016–18
District asst. superintendent, 2017–present
Board of Trustees, University of Valley Forge, 2016–18
Board of Trustees, Northpoint Bible College, 2016–18


Donald J. Immel

New Cumberland, PA

Ordained: May 9, 1990

Lead Pastoral Ministry:
Faith Assembly of God, Uniontown, PA, 1989–2007
Assembly of God, New Stanton, PA, 2007–13

Other Ministry:
Intern, Calvary AG, N. Huntington, PA, 1982
Youth pastor, New Life AG, Wellington, OH, 1982–84
Youth pastor, Calvary AG, Elkhart, IN, 1984–86
Youth pastor, Calvary AG, Irwin, PA, 1986–89
Section presbyter, Southwest Suburban, PA, 1997–2013
District secretary/treasurer, 2013–18 General presbyter, 2013–present
Board member, HIS Fund, 2013–present
District superintendent, 2018–present
Board member, Teen Challenge, PA, 2018–present
Board member, Univ. Valley Forge, 2018–present

Bryan D. Koch

Sinking Springs, PA

Ordained: May 8, 1991

Lead Pastoral Ministry:
GT Church, Reading PA, 1993–present

Other Ministry:
Assistant pastor, GT Church, Reading, PA, 1988–92
Board member, Teen Challenge, PA, 2000–05
Board of Trustees, University of Valley Forge, PA, 2001–07
District assistant superintendent, 2010–present
General presbyter, 2010–present
Conference speaker, training churches in leadership development


J. Kenneth Burtram

Louisa, VA

Ordained: July 8, 1975

Lead Pastoral Ministry:
Cornerstone Church, Bowie, MD, 1976–89
Dulles Christian Assembly, Sterling, VA, 1993–96

Other Ministry:
Youth pastor, Arlington Assembly of God, Arlington, VA 1970–72
Youth pastor, Trinity Assembly of God, Lanham, MD, 1973–76
Director, District Home Missions, 1989–93
District secretary/treasurer, 1996–2012|
Trustee, University of Valley Forge, 1996–2010, 2012–present
General presbyter, 1996–2018
District superintendent, 2012–18

Mark A. Lehmann

Davidsonville, MD

Ordained: May 9, 1985

Lead Pastoral Ministry:
Burton AG, Burton, OH, 1981–90
First AG, Warren, OH, 1991–93
Cornerstone Church, Bowie, MD, 1993–present

Other Ministry:
Board member, Teen Challenge, MD, 1995–2009
Board member, AGWM, 2005–07
District assistant superintendent, 2006–present
General presbyter, 2006–present
Board of Trustees, Univ. Valley Forge, 2006–13
Board chairman, Unision International, 2006–present
Board of Directors, Global University, 2008–present
Chairman/Founders Board, China BC, 2011–present
Elder Board, Live Dead Arab World, 2013–present
District missions director, 2014–present


Nicholas W. Fatato

Boston, MA

Ordained: May 9, 1990

Lead Pastoral Ministry:
Boston Worship Center, Boston, MA, 1996–2006

Other Ministry:
Area director, Chi Alpha, Michigan district, 1980–89
Director, Chi Alpha, University of Michigan, 1981–89
National field director, Chi Alpha, Springfield, MO 1989–91
Director, Chi Alpha, Boston, MA, 1991–96
District sectional presbyter, 1997–2006
General presbyter, 2006–present
District executive director, Ministry Development, 2006–19
Board of Trustees, Northpoint Bible College, 2013–present
District superintendent, 2019–present

Timothy P. Schmidt

Lynnfield, MA

Ordained: May 5, 1987

Lead Pastoral Ministry:
Calvary Christian Church, Lynnfield, MA, 1988–present 

Other Ministry:
Associate pastor, Cedar Road AG, Chesapeake, VA, 1973–80, 1982–85
Associate pastor, First AG, Elkton, MD, 1981–82
Associate pastor, Bethany AG, Agawan, MA, 1985–88
District sectional presbyter, 1995–98
Board member, AGWM, 2013–17
Board of Trustees, Northpoint Bible College, 2013–18
District assistant superintendent, 2014–present
General presbyter, 2014–present

Southeast Area


Kenneth W. Draughon

Montgomery, AL

Ordained: April 18, 1979

Lead Pastoral Ministry:
Co–pastor, First AG, Saraland, AL, 1978–2000

Other Ministry:
District director, Missions, 2000–09
District director, Church Planting, 2000–09
District director, Men’s Ministries, 2000–09
District superintendent, 2009–present
General presbyter, 2009–present
Board of Trustees, Southeastern Univ., Lakeland, FL, 2009–present
Executive Committee, Southeastern Univ., Lakeland, FL, 2011–16

John A. Loper Jr.

Pleasant Grove, AL

Ordained: April 24, 1968

Lead Pastoral Ministry:
First AG, Atmore, AL, 1970–76
Garywood AG, Garywood, AL, 1979–2013

Other Ministry:
District youth director, 1976–79
Board member, AGWM, 1984–87
President, Alumni Association, Southeastern Univ., 1993–98
Board of Directors, Southeastern Univ., 1999–2007
Assistant district superintendent, 1999–present
General presbyter, 1999–2013
Member, Commission on Higher Education, 2002–06


Randy L. Valimont

Griffin, GA

Ordained: April 25, 1984

Lead Pastoral Ministry:
Glad Tidings AG, Toccoa, GA, 1984–93
First AG, Griffin, GA, 1993–present

Other Ministry:
Youth pastor, First AG, Springdale, AR, 1981–84
Executive presbyter, 2000–08
General Council Missions Board, 2001
Board member, Southeastern University, Lakeland, FL, 2001–13
General presbyter, 2005–present District presbyter at-large, 2009–14
Board member, Global Teen Challenge, 2010–present
Board member, Emerge Ministries, 2010–present
Board member, Southwestern University, Waxahachie, TX, 2014–present
District assistant superintendent, 2018–present

David A. Divine

Douglasville, GA

Ordained: October 9, 1984

Lead Pastoral Ministry:
Victory Christian Center, Terre Haute, IN, 1996–98
The Church at Chapelhill, Douglasville, GA, 2001–present

Other Ministry:
Associate pastor, Calvary Temple, Indianapolis, IN, 1982–96
Associate pastor, Lenexa Christian Center, Lenexa, KS, 1998–99
Executive pastor, Christian Life, Birmingham, AL, 1999–2001
District presbyter, 2009–19


D. Rick Ross

Kannapolis, NC

Ordained: April 24, 1980

Lead Pastoral Ministry:
Christian Assembly, Middletown, OH, 1982–85
Richland Assembly, Richland, WA, 1985–89
New Life Church, Renton, WA, 1989–2003
First Assembly of God, Concord, NC, 2004–16

Other Ministry:
Presbyter/executive presbyter/general presbyter,  Northwest district, 1992–2003
National Spiritual Life Committee, 2000–02
Missions director, 2004–06, 2016–present
Executive presbyter, 2006–12
Assistant district superintendent, 2012–16
Chairman, Convoy of Hope National Pastors Committee, 2012–17
Chairman, AG Structural Working Group, 2015–17
Convoy of Hope Church Relations Architect, 2017–present
District superintendent, 2016–present


Terrell R. (Terry) Raburn

Lakeland, FL

Ordained: April 16, 1974

Lead Pastoral Ministry:
Mount Zion AG, Plant City, FL, 1978–81

Other Ministry:
AGWM, missionary assistant, Lebanon, 1972–76
Youth pastor, Mount Zion AG, Plant City, FL, 1976–77
District presbyter, 1977–85
District president Christ’s Ambassadors/director Youth Ministries, 1981–85
National director, Youth Ministries, 1985–90
National director, Church Ministries, 1990–96
District superintendent, 1996–present General presbyter, 1996–present
Chairman, Board of Trustees, Southeastern Univ., 1996–present
Board chairman, Southeastern Univ., 2011–present
Board secretary, Church Extension Plan, 1999–2016
Board executive secretary, Church Extension Plan, 2016–present

Carl Stephens

Orlando, FL

Ordained: May 9, 1978

Lead Pastoral Ministry:
Faith Assembly of God, Orlando, FL, 1987–present 

Other Ministry:
Youth pastor, Faith AG, Orlando, FL, 1976–84
Executive pastor, Faith AG, Orlando, FL, 1984–87
District presbyter, Orlando area, 1997–2008
Board member, AGWM, 2003–05


Victor E. Smith

Irmo, SC

Ordained: May 17, 1973

Lead Pastoral Ministry:
First Assembly of God, Salters, SC, 1973–77

Other Ministry:
District CE & youth director, 1977–82
Trustee Board member, Southeastern University, 1982–present
Associate pastor, Christian Life Assembly, Columbia, SC, 1982–90
District secretary/treasurer, 1990–2010
District superintendent, 2010–present
General presbyter, 1990–present

Larry S. Burgbacher

Moncks Corner, SC

Ordained: March 8, 1978

Lead Pastoral Ministry:
Faith Assembly of God, Summerville, SC, 1984–present

Other Ministry:
Youth pastor, Raleigh AG, Memphis, TN, 1976–78
Youth pastor, Tri–County AG, Cincinnati, OH, 1978–84
District sectional presbyter, 1985–88
District sectional presbyter, 1990–2010
District Missions Committee, 1995–2019
District executive presbyter, 2013–19
District assistant superintendent, 2019–present
District missions director, 2019–present


Thomas L. Moore

Bonifay, FL

Ordained: May 11, 1987

Lead Pastoral Ministry:
Carmel AG, Bonifay, FL, 1988–2011

Other Ministry:
Associate pastor, Carmel AG, Bonifay, FL, 1982–83, 1984–86
Associate pastor, First AG, Chipley, FL, 1983–84
Associate pastor, Pace AG, Pace, FL, 1986–88
District assistant presbyter, 1988–89
District presbyter, 1989–2011
Board of Trustees, SEU, 2011–16
District superintendent, 2011–present
General presbyter, 2011–present
Board of Trustees, SAGU, 2016–present

Phil F. Edwards

Panama City, FL

Ordained: April 30, 1980

Lead Pastoral Ministry:
First AG, Panama City, FL, 1984–present

Other Ministry:
Associate/Youth pastor, Action Church, Pascagoula, MS, 1976–78
Associate pastor, First AG, Grand Bay, AL, 1978–79
Associate/Youth pastor, Lakeview AG, Eight Mile, AL, 1980–84
District presbyter, 2004–06
District U.S. Missions director, 2005–present
District assistant superintendent, 2006–present
General presbyter, 2006–present

Language Area - East Spanish


Saturnino (Nino) Gonzalez

Orlando, FL

Ordained: June 15, 1984

Lead Pastoral Ministry:
Iglesia Juan 3:16, Ponce, PR, 1986–90
Iglesia El Calvario AG of Orlando, Orlando, FL, 2000–present

Other Ministry:
Chaplain, Federal Bureau of Prisons, PR, 1983–86
Puerto Rico district general presbyter, 1989–91
Teen Challenge director, Puerto Rico, 1990–91
Puerto Rico district superintendent, 1991–2000
District superintendent, 2008–present
General presbyter, 2009–present
Executive presbyter, Language Area—East Spanish, 2009–15

Ramon J. Rojas

Stuart, FL

Ordained: June 23, 1989

Lead Pastoral Ministry:
Primera Iglesia Hispana, Sanford, FL, 1984–86
Spanish First AG, Gainesville, FL, 1986–90
Centro Cristiano Latino Getsemani, Gainesville, FL, 1990–2006
El Hacedor, Winter Garden, FL, 2006–12
El Hacedor Juan 3:16, Jupiter, FL, 2012–present

Other Ministry:
District secretary, 1998–present


Gilbert G. (Jerry) Flores

Saginaw, MI

Ordained: June 28, 2002 

Lead Pastoral Ministry:
Harvest Assembly of God, Saginaw, MI, 2006–present

Other Ministry:
District director, Men’s Ministries, 1998–2006
Board of Regents, North Central University, 2008–19
District director, Midwest Latin American District School of Ministry, 2012–present
Assistant district superintendent, 2014–18
Sectional and executive presbyter, Michigan district, 2012–present
General presbyter, 2012–2018

Wilfredo (Choco) De Jesus

Chicago, IL

Ordained: November 29, 1996

Lead Pastoral Ministry:
New Life Covenant, Chicago, IL, 2000–present

Other Ministry:
District C.A. president, Midwest Latin American District, 1989–96
Director, Master’s Commission, Chicago, IL, 1997–98
Executive presbyter, 2015–present


No Nominees Submitted


No Nominees Submitted


Manuel A. Alvarez

Lebanon, NJ

Ordained: July 15, 1988

Lead Pastoral Ministry:
Antioquia Church, Brooklyn, NY, 1989–94
First Assembly of God, Lancaster, PA, 1995–2013

Other Ministry:
District youth director, 1984–90
District sectional secretary/treasurer, PA, 1996–98
Board member, University of Valley Forge, 1997–present
District sectional presbyter, PA, 1998–2011
District presbyter, 2000–13
General presbyter, 2000–present
District superintendent, 2013–present
Board member, Northpoint Bible College, 2013–present

Rafael Reyes

Chester, NY

Ordained: July 16, 1976 

Lead Pastoral Ministry:
Christian Mission John 3:16, Manhattan, NY, 1969–71
Bethany Christian Church, Manhattan, NY, 1973–93

Other Ministry:
Principal, Bible Institute, Manhattan, NY, 1975–77
Hispanic chaplain, 1977–79 & 1987
District presbyter, Manhattan, 1978–85
District secretary/treasurer, Dept. of Education, 1988–93
District director, Dept. of Education, 1993–98
President, Spanish Eastern Dist. School of Theology, 1993–98
District superintendent, 1998–2012
General presbyter, 1998–2012

Language Area - Other


No Nominees Submitted


Daniel J. Miller

Benton Harbor, MI

Ordained: January 6, 1977

Lead Pastoral Ministry:
Full Gospel Tabernacle, Sheldon, WI, 1965–73
Assembly of God, Wahpeton, ND, 1984–88
First Assembly of God, St. Joseph, MI, 1988–present

Other Ministry:
Business manager, Trinity Bible College, Ellendale, ND, 1974–1984
District secretary/treasurer, 1994–2006
General presbyter, 1994–present
District superintendent, 2007–present
Board member, U.S. Missions, 2015–present 

Darnell Williams Sr.

Lima, OH

Ordained: April 22, 2013

Lead Pastoral Ministry:
Calvary Christian Fellowship AG, Columbus, OH, 2000–06
New Life Church International Inc., Lima, OH, 2006–present

Other Ministry:
District sectional presbyter, 2013–14
Executive treasurer, National Black Fellowship, 2013–18
District secretary/treasurer, 2014–present
General presbyter, 2014–present
Board of Trustees, Evangel University, 2015–present
Vice president, National Black Fellowship, 2018–present


Wan Ki Choi

Oswego, IL

Ordained: April 15, 1980

Lead Pastoral Ministry:
Full Gospel Church, St. Louis, MO, 1983–2012
Promise Church, Chicago, IL, 2012–present

Other Ministry:
General presbyter, 1990–2007
Member, GC Resolution Committee, 2001, 2005
President, Korean Fellowship, 2003–05
District superintendent, Second Korean, 2005–06, 2009–12
Board of Directors, Central Bible College, 2011–13
Board of Trustees, Evangel University, 2013–14
Chairman, 4/14 Window New York Inc., 2014–present

Joshua I. Kang

Las Vegas, NV

Ordained: January 25, 2006

Lead Pastoral Ministry:
Full Gospel Church, Las Vegas, NV, 2006–present

Other Ministry:
District assistant superintendent, 2018–19
President, AG Korean English Fellowship, 2018–present


No Nominees Submitted


No Nominees Submitted


Su Bum Choe

Fayetteville, NC

Ordained: March 2, 1988

Lead Pastoral Ministry:
Spring Lake Assembly of God, Spring Lake, NC, 1998–present

Other Ministry:
District secretary/treasurer, 2012–16
District superintendent, 2016–present

Byong C. Lee

Tampa, FL

Ordained: April 19, 1999

Lead Pastoral Ministry:
Co-pastor, Full Gospel Galilee Church, Hopelawn, NJ, 2001–03
Assembly Full Gospel Church of Tampa, Tampa, FL, 2003-19

Ordained Female Minister


A. Elizabeth (Beth) Grant

Springfield, MO

Ordained: May 8, 1990

Lead Pastoral Ministry:

Other Ministry:
AGWM missionary, Eurasia, 1977-present
Founder/Co-director, Project Rescue, 1997-present
Chairperson, National Task Force for Women in Ministry, 1998-2010
Associate professor, AGTS, Intercultural Studies, 2009-19
Guest speaker/teacher, U.S. and overseas,1977-present
Executive presbyter, 2009-present
Executive director, Project Rescue, 2018-2019


Maricela H. Hernandez

Penitas, TX

Ordained: June 22, 2000

Lead Pastoral Ministry:
Templo Paraiso, Sullivan, TX, 1995-2004

Other Ministry:
District director, Women's Ministries, 2004-08
Bible school director, District School of Ministry, 2008-present
District secretary/treasurer, 2012-present
Fraternidad Hispana Mundial Asambleas de Dios,World Women Min. Hisp. rep, 2016-present
Hispanic representative, Network of Women Ministers, 2017-present
Board of Regents, Southwestern AG University, Waxahachie, TX, 2017-present
Church Multiplication Network Hispanic Task Force, 2018-present
Board of Advisors, AG Trust, 2018-present


Crystal M. Martin

Springfield, MO

Ordained: April 16, 2013

Lead Pastoral Ministry:

Other Ministry:
U.S. missionary, Chi Alpha Campus Ministries, 1995-present
Executive Ministry Team, Chi Alpha, 2012-present
Director, International Student Ministries, Chi Alpha, 2012-17
Director, Cross-Cultural Missions, Chi Alpha, 2017-present
National director, Network of Women Ministries, 2017-present
Associate pastor, Central Assembly of God, Springfield, MO, 2018-present


Karen J. Yancey

Wichita, KS

Ordained: April 22, 2015

Lead Pastoral Ministry:

Other Ministry:
Youth pastor, Assembly of God, Monett, MO, 1983-87
Board of directors, Highlands CPC, 2000-05
District Director, Women's Ministries, 1999-2008
District development director, 2008-present
District female general presbyter, 2018

NFAF / Camp GC

The 2021 National Youth Convention/Fine Arts Festival will begin on Monday with on-site check-in. Presentations will take place throughout the week, and the festival culminates with the Friday evening final service. Camp GC will once again be part of General Council 2021. Kids ages 5–12 can experience new adventures at Camp GC, the official place for kids to be while the adults enjoy the 2021 Influence Conference and General Council.

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