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General Council 2019 is going to be a great event and we are so excited that you want to participate with us.  Listed below are the different categories of volunteers needed along with some brief descriptions of what will be required. When you are ready, click the Register button and fill out the Volunteer Request form. Be sure you select what ministry team and days you can help.  Once you register, you will be contacted by that ministry team, and they will provide you with additional information.

Please be in prayer for General Council 2019. We want to see God do amazing things for our fellowship and in the hearts and lives of all those who attend. 




  • Guest Services Rovers:
    Will be stationed in the lobby areas assisting attendees with any questions, giving directions, etc.
  • Welcome Crew:
    Will be stationed throughout the building making sure that our guests feel welcomed.


  • Main Event Support:
    Will assist with room prep prior to service, crowd control as attendees arrive, and reserved seating prior to and after doors open. Will hand out items after service. Will need to arrive at 5:00 to assist with room prep and will assist with seating until approximately 7:15. Will need to be available at end of service for approximately 30-45 minutes to assist with handing out items and managing giveaway tables.


These individuals will be working a full schedule from Wednesday afternoon to Sunday evening. Each day will include a morning, afternoon and evening session in a Kids Camp environment.

  • Registration Assistants (6 or more)
    Working directly with the Registration Supervisor & Check-in System to register families. Should be knowledgeable about the chosen Check-in system or receive proper training before assisting families in Registration.
  • Special Needs Specialists (2 – 10)
    Will work 1 on 1 with a child with special needs. This need is based on registration needs voiced by parents/guardians. Each child will have a specialized program based on their needs and the desires/instruction of the parents/guardians.
  • Preschool 3-Year-Old Room Leader (2)
    Will work in 1 of 2 three-year-old Preschool Rooms overseeing 4 other volunteers, as well as 30 preschoolers. Curriculum and materials will be provided.
  • Preschool 3-Year-Old Room Assistants (8)
    Will work in tandem with 3 other volunteers and 1 room leader to oversee 30 preschoolers.
  • Preschool 4-Year-Old Room Leader (2)
    Will work in 1 of 2 four-year-old Preschool Rooms overseeing 4 other volunteers, as well as 30 preschoolers. Curriculum and materials will be provided.
  • Preschool 4-Year-Old Room Assistants (8)
    Will work in tandem with 3 other volunteers and 1 room leader to oversee 30 preschoolers.
  • Elementary Room Leaders (10)
    Will work in 1 of 10 Elementary Rooms overseeing 4 other volunteers, as well as 50 elementary-aged children. Curriculum and materials will be provided.
  • Elementary Room Assistants (40)
    Will work in tandem with 4 other volunteers and 1 room leader to oversee 50 elementary-aged children.


  • Event Support:
    Ushers, stage assistance, other duties as assigned for National Youth Convention Sessions.
  • NFAF Presentation Rooms:
    Will set up sound systems in all NFAF presentation rooms.
  • NFAF Presentation Room Moderators:
    Will assist with running the logistics of the room (i.e. make announcements, keep the room running on time).
  • NFAF Presentation Room Door Monitors:
    Will assist with opening and shutting the doors for presentations, notify crowds in the hallway of the schedule for the room.
  • NFAF Presentation Room Sound Operators:
    Will run sound during NFAF presentations (hoping for a 2-3 high proficiency).
  • NFAF Practice Room Monitors:
    Will assist with scheduling practice times, and managing the practice rooms.
  • NFAF Presentation Evaluator Sheet Runners:
    Will collect evaluation sheets from the presentation rooms and deliver to the NFAF Tally Room.
  • NFAF Tally Room:
    Will assist in the NFAF Tally room with filing and quality control.
  • NFAF Registration Check in Assistants:
    Will assist with filling registration bags, t-shirt distribution, printing NFAF schedules, etc. This is typically the bulk of volunteers on Monday who are reassigned throughout the week to other jobs.
  • NFAF Presentations Customer Service:
    Will work at the Customer Service Booth in the Registration Hall throughout the week and print NFAF student certificates and evaluation sheets for the students to receive.


NFAF / Camp GC

The 2019 National Youth Convention/Fine Arts Festival will begin on Tuesday with on-site check-in. Presentations will take place throughout the week, and the festival culminates with the Saturday evening final service. Camp GC* will once again be part of General Council 2019. Kids ages 3–12 can experience new adventures at Camp GC, the official place for kids to be while the adults enjoy the 2019 Influence Conference and General Council.

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